Why I like science

I like science because it talks about nature, space, technology, and a lot of other things. Science helps us figure out things. With science we are able to create things to help us in the world today, that is one of the reasons why I like science. Some of the things that are created in the name of science are transportation,phone’s,medicine,and houses. Science is a very complicated thing to learn. There are lots of things to learn about that a lot of people would be very interested in.Science is something that you could learn about in your spare time. Lots of people are doctors of science,which is somebody who tries to learn everything about science.Science helps us learn about things like where d water comes from.Without science we wouldnt be able to cure diseases. Science helps us build things like sky scrapers. Science helps us get electricity around places this is how we get power. The world was built by science. But science can be used in a bad way like nuclear bombs. Nuclear bombs have killed many people during war.gunpowder was also created which was created by a scientist which also killed many people during but has killed more people.But over all science is good.


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