I don’t think that i would be shy when i get to highschool.I haven’t really figured out what highschool i’m going to but i do have 3 picks.I think highschool is going to be amazing because I will get to meet new people and make new friends.ther are many other things i could also do.Im hoping to get into the best highschool of my chioce. Advertisements Continue reading Highschool

1.Feminism means advocacy of women’s right  on the grounds of political ,social, and economic equality of men. People back in the day thought that ladies were only good for taking care of the house and family and then men were known for making money or going to war so i think people got that from those days and still believe in that. If I could start a blog for teens it would be for kids that are really good at things like sports, art, science, tech and other things and i would focus on schools, jobs and careers. Continue reading

Why I like science

I like science because it talks about nature, space, technology, and a lot of other things. Science helps us figure out things. With science we are able to create things to help us in the world today, that is one of the reasons why I like science. Some of the things that are created in the name of science are transportation,phone’s,medicine,and houses. Science is a very complicated thing to learn. There are lots of things to learn about that a lot of people would be very interested in.Science is something that you could learn about in your spare time. Lots … Continue reading Why I like science